The Lounge Furniture

Furnishing the Lounge
My word that does sound posh, furnishing the Lounge, I never used to call this room the `lounge' because in the past it used to be known as the front room, the best room, or the sitting room. However, what ever we decide to call it, ours is just not big enough. Our house was built at the start of the 1960s when builders were trying out new styles od rooms. We have noticed that other houses in the road where we live all seem to have very large lounges, sitting rooms or whatever you wish to call them. But for some reason we ended up with the sort of house that only has a small lounge. I think this could be because we have a separate dinning room whereas the other houses have a lounge and dinning room all in the same room. I suppose we could start knocking down walls, but this would be too expensive and messy.
So we are keeping the lounge as it is, but we do have a problem with trying to find furniture to fit in this room. Several years ago we were looking for two new sofas because we prefer to have two sofas rather than one large sofas and two chairs. Apart from anything else, we find that one sofa with two chairs takes up too much room. We also have trouble with the style of sofas and chairs because many of these have really wide arms which took up too much room in our small lounge.
It seemed to take us ages to be able to find what we wanted for our lounge and we had trouble looking around the furniture shops because there are no good shops or department stores anywhere near to where we live. In the end we had to travel to the nearest city which was nearly twenty miles away.
In the end we did get what we wanted. Normally my husband and I cannot agree on what we want because we both have different tastes in furniture, colours , styles and designs. There was also the price to consider because we had allowed ourselves a budget for buying this furniture. We both saw lots of sofas that we liked but many of the ones that we both liked were far too expensive for us.
After going into many different shops, and by this time we were both feeling very downhearted because we did not think we were ever going to get anything that we both liked in our price range. We eventually found our way into a Harveys shop. I do not know why we left Harveys until last , it may have been because it was at the end of the road , but I wish we had gone there first.
As soon as we walked into Harveys we both saw a sofa that we liked. We took some measurements and we decided that we could fit one three seater sofa and one two seater sofa into our small lounge. There was an assistant nearby so we called him over and he told us a bit more about the sofas. We both had a good sit down on one of the sofas while we were listening to the assistant telling us a bit more about what colours , sizes and styles we could choose from if we were to order one or two of these sofas. He also explained that they were having a sale and if we ordered soon, we would be entitled to a certain amount of discount. We also asked about delivery times and delivery charges so that we would know when our new furniture would be arriving and how much we would have to pay altogether. Anyway , we decided there and then to order our furniture and the assistant took down our details. By the end of that day, we had ordered and payed for our new furniture and we knew on what date and roughly what time we could expect to get it.
The furniture arrived in good condition on the day that we were told that it would. The delivery people were polite and helpful because they placed the furniture where we wanted it to go and they made sure that everything was alright before they asked me to sign for it.
The two sofas fitted nicely into our small room and we were very pleased with it.