Homes and Antiques Magazine
When you are looking  for inspiration for buying furnishings for your home, one of the easiest ways to get ideas is to look through a selection of magazines. There are lots of magazines available for you to buy that cover  the subjects of homes and interiors.
One of my favourite magazines is Homes and Antiques magazine, and this is because I am interested in both home and interior design and antiques. This magazine is a wealth of information on both of these subjects and I particularly like reading through the pages where readers have sent in pictures and stories of how they have re-furbished their properties. Many of these readers have brought old properties and they have re-furbished them by themselves, so as you can imagine there are many good ideas published throughout the magazine.
The magazine also features people who have started their own business both in interiors and the antiques trade and there is some good advice for readers who wish to do the same or something similar. There are also lots of interesting adverts ( like there are in most magazines these days ) and I like to visit the websites of the merchants that advertise in the Homes and Antiques magazine.
You can buy Homes and Antiques in the usual newsagents, supermarkets and department stores, but it works out a lot cheaper to order a subscription especially if there is a special offer on at the time of ordering. You can also buy back issues from online auction sites.
For more information on Homes and Antiques magazine you can visit their website.