Buying Towels that Last

Several years ago I had some gift vouchers that had to be spent in the Co-op. We have a Co-op store about five minutes from where I live and I often used to go shopping in there. Just after I got my Co-op gift vouchers ( I think I had been given them for some reason) the Co-op were having a sale in the Homeware department. I think they were refurbishing the store at that time and they were wanting to get rid of old stock and discontinued lines.
I went to have a look at this sale and I took my gift vouchers along in case there was anything I needed. When I got there I noticed that there were several huge piles of Christy towels being sold at about half the price that they would normally sell at. The trouble was that they only had one colour and that was cream. I know at the time coloured towels were popular and this was probably why they were selling off   these cream towels so cheaply.
Well I was over the moon because I happen to like the colour cream and we had just decorated our bathroom in a pale colour and I knew a new set of cream towels would look lovely. Plus the fact that we needed some new ones anyway.
So I brought myself a set of about six new towels in several different sizes and I also brought two matching bath mats to put on the floor .  That was about fourteen years ago and since then I have used these Christy towels everyday.  When they are washed they look just like they did when they were new and they feel soft and fluffy to the touch.
Nowadays you can buy Christy towels online from their website where they also sell bed linen and bathrobes. Christy often have sales on their website and they also run competitions where you can win their products.