A Curtain Bargain

No, I do not mean `A certain Bargain' in the title above, my spelling is not that bad thank you, what I mean is actually a `Curtain' bargain. You see, I have been buying curtains for a change instead of making them.
I did not set out to buy a pair of curtains when I went shopping in Dunelm Mill on Saturday because I was really shopping for something else. While I was in Dunelm Mill I noticed that they were having a sale with a lot of products being sold for less than their normal price. I was looking at all sorts of things but not buying anything until I looked at the top shelf. On this shelf there was a pile of ready made curtains for sale. I took a pair of these curtains off the shelf to have a better look at them.
These curtains were made from plain blue fabric and they had a pair of tie backs in the pack with them. I thought that they looked very nice and then I noticed that they had been reduced from £35.00 to £4.00 . The curtains were long ones, measuring 66 inches wide by 90 inches long. I thought that I could use them in my spare bedroom.
I decided that this was a very good bargain and I quickly put them into my basket.