Hello, from the Curtain Maker

I am a curtain maker who is currently working from my own home in Berkshire.
I take orders from my own customers and I also work for the trade as an outworker for a local curtain specialist firm.
I make ;
Cushion covers
Table cloths
Duvet covers
Chair covers
Loose covers
Roman blinds
In fact I will turn my hand to most sewing projects and I have even done a bit of dressmaking. I have made costumes for parties and events. Outfits for children`s parties, hats and so on. But my main interest is soft furnishings. I have been doing this sort of work for many decades since leaving school in the 1970s.
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Find lots of lovely Bargains for your Home
Many people , when moving house, do not want to run to the expense of buying new curtains on top of everything else , so they ask me if I can adapt their old curtains. I tell them that this can be done as long as the existing curtains are longer and wider than the new ones need to be. I can shorten curtains very easily but it is not so easy to make curtains longer unless a false hem is used and these false hems do not always look right . If the curtains do need to be made wider, them perhaps two pairs can be joined together to make one pair, but to do this you will need to have two pairs of curtains exactly the same with the patterns matching top and bottom. I can also easily re-line existing limed curtains, which makes them look like new curtains from outside the house


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Upcycling old furniture and furnishings
Upcycling is the name given to the art of turning something old, eg. a piece of old furniture, into something new by giving it a makeover even if it is only a coat of new paint. For a Shabby Chic look , rub down an old bit of furniture, re-paint it and then sand it down once the paint has dried.
Vintage curtains from the mid 20th Century can be made into vintage cushion covers by using the best bits of fabric from the curtains.
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