Made to measure curtains

Having a lovely pair of curtains hanging at you window can finish a room off nicely. Everyone will notice your beautiful curtains especially if they have been professionally made with good quality fabric and lining.
It is a good idea to have your curtains made to measure by a professional curtain maker because the curtain maker will be able to give you the best advice on
It is really up to you, the customer what fabrics you choose but sometimes it is good to get a second opinion. Different rooms have different uses and therefore the window in each room will need its own style and weight of curtain. For example, you will probably need a heavy pair of curtains in the lounge but you might only need a lightweight pair of curtains  in the kitchen, or even a blind for the bathroom window. So it is a good idea to talk with a curtain specialist before you make your final choice on what curtains to have made.
Patterned Fabric
When choosing a patterned fabric you have to buy extra fabric to allow for the pattern match. If you choose fabric with a large pattern repeat , the curtain maker will have to get the patterns lined up when she cuts the fabric before sewing and making the curtains. There is nothing worse than seeing a pair of curtains where the pattern does not match.
The bits of fabric cut between patterns can be used to make cushion covers . This will give the room matching curtains and cushions.


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