Changing Fashions

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I have worked in the soft furnishing trade for several decades now, since leaving school and getting a job in a local department store in their curtain making and upholstery workshop.
Even though I have done this sort of work for many years, I still find that I am learning new things about the trade all the time. Much of this is to do with changes in fashion in the soft furnishing trade and over the decades I have seen many changes in the way that people furnish their homes. People have gone from frilly and fancy furnishings in the 1980s to the minimalist styles that are popular today. The 1970s saw bold prints and colours and with the revival of vintage and retro styles these designs have been popular in modern times.  
During my working life, I have worked for other firms and I started my own curtain making business as a small shop back in the late 1980s. Since then I have worked from home in my own workroom making
Cushions and cushion covers
Loose Covers
Net curtains
Duvet covers
Roman Blinds

Festoon and Austrian Blinds
Back in the 1980s  Festoon and Austrian blinds were very much in fashion and most people had at least one of these in their home. I learned how to make them by following the instructions in a book. I went on to make dozens of them during the 1980s and 1990s until they stopped being popular.

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Fancy buying some interesting Artwork for your home?
This Artwork would brighten up any wall in any home

No, this is not the artwork that is for sale because this is a picture that I created myself, and I do not think that anybody would want to buy it.