How it all began

Welcome to Curtains and Cushions
I have been working in the soft furnishing trade since leaving school in the 1970s.
Learning the trade
When I left school at 16 I decided that I wanted to work in soft furnishings , so I got a job in a local department store where I learned the following;
How to make Curtains
Cushion making
How to cut, sew, and fit loose covers
Upholstery machining
Making bedroom furnishings ( bed covers, duvets, dressing table covers etc)
Making and fitting Pelmets, Window blinds, Window valances, Roman Blinds etc.
How to line and interline curtains
Adapting curtains and other soft furnishings.
I learned a lot in my first few years of work.
This knowledge of the trade gave me enough confidence to start my own curtain making business
Now I work from home in my own workroom where clients bring their own fabric and sizes for me to make into;
Blinds etc
Curtains     Cushions    Window Blinds   Fabrics   Sewing

Learning to make Curtains , cushions and other soft furnishing.
I was lucky enough to learn curtain making by going to work in a curtain making workshop where experienced curtain makers showed me what to do. If you would like to learn how to make your own curtains, or to earn money from curtain making, then I would suggest that you go on a curtain making course. These courses are often run by self employed curtain makers who have years of experience to share with you.

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Cushions and cushion covers
Decorative Accessories
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