Net Curtains

I once had a job where I worked from home making net curtains. The nets were brought to me on a big roll and I was given sizes and instructions on how the customer wanted her net curtains to be made. The nets were supplied by a local firm who sold nets to their customers. They would display samples of their net curtains in stores all round the country ( and abroad) and the customers would choose the net that they wanted and somebody from the shop would go to the customers home and measure the window to get the right size.
When the order had been processed they would bring the net fabric, sizes, tapes, threads etc to my workroom where I would measure, cut and sew the fabric to the required size. Then when I completed the order, I would get them to pick it up from my workshop. There was always plenty of net curtains to be made and I was always kept busy. Things changed when the firm I worked for decided that it would be cheaper and easier to get the nets  made abroad instead of using outworkers in their own country.
There are many different styles of net curtain including;
Patterned nets
Plain nets
Coloured nets
Café nets
Books about Net curtains
I do not know if anybody has actually written a book on how to make and care for net curtains, but you can often find chapters on Nets and Voiles in Curtain Making books .
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Bedroom Curtains
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