My Vintage Sewing Machine

Because of the sort of work that I do, I need a couple of different sewing machines. My favourite sewing machine is my vintage sewing machine.
This vintage sewing machine was made by Singer in 1906 which makes it over 100 years old. I know this because I did some research on it by taking note of the model number and writing to Singer for more information on it.
 My vintage sewing machine is still in good working condition and it has a lovely neat and even stitch. This lovely old machine has never broken or let me down in any way. It is not powered by electricity because it is a treadle sewing machine . These treadle sewing machines were made before electricity became widely used. This means that my old sewing machine costs nothing to run and could still be used during a power cut.
Can you still buy parts for the vintage machines?
Oh yes, you can order parts from Ebay.
 Another way to buy parts for you vintage sewing machine would be to go to car boot sales or auctions and pick up an old machine and use it`s parts as spares for your machine.
If you are into vintage sewing machines , you could look out for a hand powered sewing machine. These are similar to treadle sewing machines but you use a handle instead of a treadle. These sort of vintage sewing machine do not take up as much room as a treadle sewing machine. They are more difficult to use though because you will need one hand to turn the handle, thus leaving you with only one hand for the sewing. You could always get somebody else to turn the handle for you.
My vintage sewing machine is similar to this one. Mine has three drawers on each side


Vintage   Singer  Sewing  Machines

For more information on buying, collecting and using vintage sewing machines, buy books on the subject. A good example is the Antique Sewing Machines book below


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