My shop

I work from home making curtains, cushions and other soft furnishings for my own customers and for the trade. I have been doing this sort of work for many years now, staring off when I got a job in a local department store where I went to work in the sewing workroom making curtains, cushions, cushions covers, loose covers, pelmets, valances, bedcovers, duvet covers etc.
I started my own business when I opened a small shop in my local town. This was great fun because it gave me the chance to meet lots of nice people who lived near me but I had not had the chance to meet before. I used to love working in my shop because no two days were ever the same. I offered my customers a sewing service where I made curtains and cushions , but I also did a bit of clothing repairs and easy dressmaking projects.

I also sold a small collection of ready made curtains that I brought from a supplier who owned a small factory up North
You can buy Ready Made Curtains HERE
It was only a small shop but I used to sell a wide range of products including;
Curtain making sundries
Heading tapes
Curtain lining
Many of my customers relied on me to get the items that they needed and if I did not stock a certain item, I would order it. I found this this was a good way to stock the shop because I could not just order one of each item, I would have to order about ten boxes at a time. I did find that if I got asked for something once , then many people would come in for the same item and this is how I learned what sort of products would sell and what sort of products were not so popular. After I did not want to waste shelf space by stocking goods that would not sell
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Looking back now, I wish I had stocked a range of sewing books in my shop because I always had customers asking me for advice on things like, sewing , curtain making , fabrics , colours etc. If I had stocked books on this subject I could have made a lot more money.
I would have stocked books like this
Selling Artwork
I also had a go at selling Artwork in my shop but it did not sell very well. I brought it from a travelling salesman and my customers did not like it.
If you would like to buy some interesting artwork that has been influenced by pop and rock music ,