Loose covers

As part of my training in the soft furnishing trade, I had to learn how to make Loose Covers. These loose covers are used to cover furniture that has already been upholstered and do not need to be re-upholstered again. When the original upholstery is starting to look a bit old and faded, many customers will have loose covers made for their furniture. Loose covers will give an old suit of furniture a new lease of life.

What are the advantages of having loose covers?
Loose covers will protect your furniture because you can take them off and get them cleaned if they begin to look grubby.
Where can I get my loose covers made?
Most department stores will have a workroom where you can get loose covers made. If not then a company that specialises in soft furnishings will be able to make them for you.
What fabric should I choose?
You will need to choose a fabric that is hard wearing and dry cleanable or even machine washable. The shop where you buy the fabric will be able to give you advice about fabrics. I suggest something like a Linen for most of my customers Loose covers.
My Grandparents had loose covers, so maybe they are a bit `old fashioned` these days
I do not think that loose covers are old fashioned because when you choose your fabric for your loose covers, you can chose a modern and contemporary design which will bring even an old suite of furniture right up to date.
How do I get my covers made?
The person making them can either come to your home and cut the covers out , or you can get your sofa, chairs etc taken to their workroom where they can cut them on site.
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Many Loose covers in the 1960s, 70s and even the eighties were made with fabric designs that originated in the late 1800s. You can even buy fabrics in these popular designs today.
The British Museum Shop sells many products in what I call `old fashioned` and classic designs.
You can visit  their shop online
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