I have enjoyed doing ` a bit of needlework `  ever since I was a child.
My First attempt at needlework
The first bit of needlework that I ever did was to knit a dolls scarf in needlework lessons at school. I was about seven at the time and the scarf seemed to take forever and it did not seem to be growing very quickly so I stretched it. It was a scarf for my Sindy doll and it was knitted with red wool , it measured about twelve inches in length  and it was about twelve stitches wide.
I did get Better though
Luckily I got better at my craft and after a few years I was making dolls ponchos to sell to other girls. I have since made myself a bit of extra cash by working as an outworker for a knitting firm in Scotland
Making things for myself
I used to enjoy knitting clothes for myself and other family members. This used to help me to save money , but nowadays it is cheaper to buy clothes.
Vintage knitting patterns
I still enjoy looking at Vintage knitting patterns because I have an interest in anything that is Vintage

Learning to Knit
If you would like to learn how to knit, there are plenty of  `Learn to Knit books' out there which will start you off with simple projects.


Vintage Style Crafts and Hobbies
Visit The British Museum Shop to find Vintage Style crafts and Homewares
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