Interlined Curtains
What are interlined curtains?
Interlined curtains are curtains that have been made with an ordinary curtain lining on the back but with an additional layer between the fabric and the lining. This additional layer is called Interlining and it is sometimes known as bumph .
What is interlining made from
There are two types of interlining. One is made from cotton and the other sort is made from polyester
This interlining looks like a light weight cotton `bumph` interlining
Cotton interlining is normally cream in colour whereas the polyester interlining is normally white , as in the image below.

How is the interlining added to the curtains?

The interlining is  hand sewn into the fabric part of the curtain while the hems and the side are being stitched.

Why would I want my curtains interlined?

Interlining your curtains will make them last longer, hang better, look nicer and will also help to insulate your home.

Is interlining easy to work with?

In a word  NO , the cotton interlining can be very messy, however, saying that , I do not mind working with the polyester sort of interlining because this sort is not so dusty.

Where can I buy Interlining?

All curtain shops will have some sort of interlining in stock , but sometimes it has to be ordered. This is because it is very bulky and takes up a lot of room in a shop.


Learning how to interline curtains
Making curtains with interlining can be quite difficult to do if you are not experienced in curtain making. So the best way to learn this skill would be to go on a curtain making course that covers the use of interlining

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